Ventseek will become the new dimension of how people manage their leisure time – in advance, or on the go.
Later this year we will launch a revolutionary interactive event-seeking platform.

Stay tuned and get ready to explore the moment.

From hidden-gems to big concert halls Ventseek will help you find the best events within your taste (at any time!). A dedicated team & partners combined with quality content, will give you your city at your finger-tips like never before.

We have enlisted local event-experts and journalists to make sure we do not compromise on this.

This platform has been made for the city, for our partners but most importantly, for you. We will provide you with a personalized platform to help you find and plan your free time.

Many surprises lay ahead.
We have spread clues throughout our socials so make sure you drop your e-mail below and give us a follow to keep up-to-date and, who knows, something could come knocking sooner rather than later.

We are very excited.


Joel Costa-Correa

David Engelhardt


Estevão Pape


Alex Kupriyanenko

(Head Designer)



Circle of Higher Belgian Educational Institutes

Are you interested in promoting your events to students in Belgium?

The CoHBEI represents over 75% of the student population in Belgium. Through partnerships with 20+ institutes across the country, we are connecting students to quality & interesting events. Whether it’s a concert, festival, exposition or even CSR projects, the CoHBEI is continuously growing and welcomes any interest or questions with open arms.

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